A health check endpoint for Mailchimp API 3.0.

Available methods

    • GET /ping Ping the API

      Ping the API

      GET /ping

      A health check for the API that won’t return any account-specific information.

      Response body parameters

      health_status Type: String Title: API health status Read only: true This will return a constant string value if the request is successful. Ex. “Everything’s Chimpy!”

      Error response

      type Type: String Title: Problem Type Read only: false An absolute URI that identifies the problem type. When dereferenced, it should provide human-readable documentation for the problem type.
      title Type: String Title: Error Title Read only: false A short, human-readable summary of the problem type. It shouldn’t change based on the occurrence of the problem, except for purposes of localization.
      status Type: Integer Title: HTTP Status Code Read only: false The HTTP status code (RFC2616, Section 6) generated by the origin server for this occurrence of the problem.
      detail Type: String Title: Error Message Read only: false A human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem. Learn more about errors.
      instance Type: String Title: Instance ID Read only: false A string that identifies this specific occurrence of the problem. Please provide this ID when contacting support.